Saturday, August 12, 1972

Remembering Prezo's first year, Westpark Drive, Daly City!

I believe Prezo would have been born sometime around 1972 and he died around 1987. He was around 15 years old when he died.

I remember the first time I saw Prezo. He was living across the street with a neighbor from us in Daly City. He had a housemate, a Boston Terrier by the name of Brutus. The neighbor had recently brought Prezo home from a trip to Arizona and Prezo was in their side yard, which had open wire fencing on the side. I went up to him and said hello. He would have been approximately one year old, and I would have been in the third grade.

At that time we did not have a dog at home. I started to walk Prezo around the neighborhood by tieing a palm tree leaf to his collar as a leash. I would take him up to the grocery store and every where else. I would practice jumping with him by taking him around the block on my bike and have him jump the hedges of my neighbor's front yards. Prezo appeared to really enjoy this. I think he enjoyed the time out of the yard. I don't think my neighbor spent a lot of time with him.

About one year later, I heard that my neighbor could no longer keep Prezo and they asked my parents if they were interested. My dad said OK, but Prezo had to stay downstairs in the garage of the house because of his shedding. Luckily we had a huge garage which ran from back to front and side to side of the whole house. So the while first floor on the bottom was the garage and Prezo got to stay there. There was also a small backyard attached to the garage.

(more to come - 8/10/09)